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Friday, 19 December 2014

Prepping for 2015

Historical Sew Fortnightly Monthly 2015 challenges announced!  Woo!

See the challenges here:

I've planned out my year and am posting is here to keep me accountable.  I'm sure I'll waffle and maybe even change a few things, but at least it's in writing to make sure I participate.  I've only done one sort-of challenge SO 2015 will be my year of hardcore historical sewing.

2015 as follows:
January - Foundations - 1760s stays, mid-18th century shift

February - Colour Challenge Blue - blue pocket hoops

March - Stashbusting - Colourful striped polonaise.  The fabric is ridiculous and I love it.  It's not natural, but whatevs.  I've promised my husband I'd work on his 1932 smoking jacket.  The polonaise can wait :(

April - War & Peace - 1930s dress

May - Practicality - Regency apron

June - Out of your Comfort Zone - Regency corset (Hrmph!)

July - Accessorize - late 18th century hat

August - Heirlooms & Heritage - Traditional Welsh Costume

September - Colour Challenge: Brown - Regency dress

October - Sewing Secrets - I could be clever and say it's a secret, but really, I just haven't decided yet.

November - Silver Screen - Jacket worn by Elizabeth Bennet in the 1995 mini-series 'Pride and Prejudice'.  THIS.  Swoon.

December - Re-do - Probably foundations, but I'll wait and see which one I screw up before deciding ;)


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

1957 Cocktail Dress

My first blog post!  Woo!

Today's feature: McCall's 3971
Created for: Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #23: Modern History
Don't get the wrong idea!  Does not fit with the historical mandate of the Historical Sew Fortnightly.  It's post-1938, but since I haven't finished my 1770s stays yet, it does the trick nicely.  It also provided an excellent opportunity to wear my crinoline.  

What It Is: Cocktail DressThe Challenge: #23 Modern HistoryFabric: Embroidered tulle, satinPattern: McCall's 3871Year: 1957 Notions: thread, zipperHow historically accurate is it? Accurate pattern and fabric. Hours to complete? Longer than necessary... Let's leave it at that! First worn: November 22ndTotal Cost: $60 not including the crinoline.

I took this lovely find (a present from my husband):

And turned it into this:

I adore tea length!  I wanted more fullness in the skirt and so gathered the leftover fabric to get a nice pouf.  The issue?  I didn't adjust the bodice pattern properly to fit close enough to the body.  Because I'd taken all the extra fabric and gathered it into the skirt I had to disassemble the bodice tulle, re-cut, and re-assemble.  Lesson learned.  I've been getting flashbacks to my drafting teacher saying, "you have to take out the extra ease!"  Thankfully, less Pavlovian than expected.

I wore it all night to my Christmas party with the perfect kitten heels and Value Village pearl necklace.  I even managed to french twist my hair.  I'm quite pleased!

Next up...
1770s Shift & Stays