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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stays, More Stays, and a Chemise

Remember how I lost my blue stays?  Yeah, me too.  I made a replacement pair, but I was never really happy with them.  I decided to dive in and make the Laughing Moon corded stays #115.

The pattern is quite simple.  Sewing a bazillion (!) channels is tedious, but so worth in in the end.  I traced my pattern using a fancy iron-erasable pen and then sewed and sewed and sewed.  I've had a roll of butcher's twine kicking around that was perfectly suited to the project.

Because the channels intersect, you need to sew them in a particular order.  You sew a few, thread them with twine, then sew a few more.  Since I love puzzles I really enjoyed the challenge.

Behold!  Stays!

What the item is: Regency Corded Corset
Challenge: Procrastination
Fabric: Cotton exterior and interlining, linen lining
Pattern: Laughing Moon 115
Year: 1805-1840
Notions: Cotton butcher's twine, cable ties, cotton bias tape, ribbon, lacing
Accuracy: 70% - all machine sewn, and I used plastic for the boning, but great pattern and appropriate materials

Just as I finished cording my new corset, B found my blue stays tucked in a random garment bag.  No idea how they stayed hidden for so long, but it means I now have two sets of stays.  Woo!

And of course what Regency lady would be complete without a chemise.  I've been meaning to make one forever and just never put the time in.  When I found the most luxurious cotton rayon blend.  It's a bitch to sew and press, but so comfy under my stays!

What the item is: Regency Chemise
Challenge: Procrastination
Fabric: Cotton rayon blend
Pattern: Laughing Moon 115
Year: 1805-1840
Notions: Bias tape and ribbon
Accuracy: 70%


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