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Saturday, 10 September 2016

1920s Zig-zag Dress

In my other, other life, I do a few events around Edmonton, and sometimes they are even themed.  Hello?  Right up my alley!

Behold my new 1920s gown:

The outer fabric is a sheer black with flocked zig-zags.  How fun!  I got it at the FIDM scholarship store for a steal of a deal.  The best part?  I cut out the whole dress while matching patterns, which takes so much fabric, and I still have a ton left over.  Huzzah for 60" wide!

The green silk charmeuse is part of the great silk heist of 2015 from my lovely friends at Fashion Under Siege.  And I have enough *I think* to make a blouse, too.

It fits perfectly in the Pattern challenge as well, even if a bit late.  It's my second entry so I think it'll pass. 

Challenge #8: Pattern

What the item is: Evening Dress & Blouse
Fabric/Materials: Silk charmeuse, flocked sheer fabric
Pattern: Decades of Style Tier-rific Ensemble
Year: 1924-ish
Notions: Bias, thread
How historically accurate is it? Maybe 75%-ish?  
Hours to complete: About 8
First worn: Sept 8th, 2016
Total cost: Maybe $15

I'm also quite impressed with myself for doing finger waves in my hair.  I set the front myself and then had the hair and make up peeps finish the back.  Fab, right?  And check out my new Besame lipstick!  I truly hate lipstick, but I actually like wearing this one.  It's not drying and stays put!

I'm going to call this a win!

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