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Monday, 5 March 2018

2018 Planning

Okay, I know it's already a quarter into 2018 and maybe a little late to start planning out my sewing. As always, sewing plans revolve around Costume College. If you're not familiar with Costume College, check it out here. The theme this year is Dressing the Royals, which means pull out all the stops! It will be glitz and glam all weekend. You know me, any excuse to wear a tiara...

Last year, I planned on making a fully beaded Queen Maud gown. With my internship I knew it wasn't possible, so thought I could make it work for this year. Every time I started it, something went wrong. I tried things multiple ways, but it just wasn't happening. I finally realised this just isn't the year for it. I love this dress, and maybe one year I'll go for it, but not 2018. And I'm okay with that.

Queen Maud of Norway Gown, 1912, House of Worth. 

So, what should I make? The worst question. Pinterest to the rescue. As I just finished an Edwardian suit in January I have a lovely new set of early 1900s underpinnings. My aim was to find something to go with the accessories and underpinnings I already have. These two lovely ladies popped up:

Queen Maud of Norway Gown, 1906-7

An Evening Gown of Black chiffon, ca. 1900

I love both (how could you not?). I decided to use my beloved chartreuse silk satin for the project. I just happened to find the most divine embroidered tulle online, and matching ribbon flowers. So, frilly, fluffy option A it is.

It won't be the most historically accurate piece, which I'm okay with. The tulle is lovely and soft, but nylon. I'll bead some of the flowers as well to give a similar effect to the original. I just didn't have it in me to tambour and bead an entire gown of silk tulle. I bought all the flowers I need, yet might make a few if there's any leftover silk (the chartreuse is mauve on the back!).

I'm pleased to be making a Queen Maud gown. It's a lovely substitute for the beaded gown.  One day, dear friend. One day.

I'm itching to start now that I have all my materials. Alas, school. I have just over a month before I'm done. I'll be focusing on that for the next few weeks, and then can properly focus on my gala gown. If I get it done in time I can start on our Bath 2019 wardrobe, but that's another post for another time.


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