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Sunday, 1 March 2015

1818 Regency Ballgown

So, I got to go to a ball.  A real ball!  I didn't expect to get tickets, as it was sold out, but I did with a week to spare.  Thank goodness I had part of a pattern done.

I took a dozen or so dresses from fashion plates and extant examples and put them into this:

I look pretty good if I do say so myself.

1818-ish Ball gown
Challenge #2: Blue
Fabric: discount bin satin and drapery lace
Pattern: Self-draped based on fashion plates and extant examples. Bits and pieces of various dresses combined into one.
Year: 1818-ish
Notions: stash lace and organza flowers, thread
I'd say 50% accurate. Poly satin and lace pattern are way off; however I tend to wear slightly off fabrics anyway so for me it's 70% accurate.
Hours to complete: 10-ish. I was on a super tight deadline!
First worn: Feb 28th at a Regency ball.
Total cost: $60 CAD

I found the fabric in the discount bin (hurrah!), but didn't realize until I got home that it smelled like moth balls.  Now my entire sewing room and my ironing board cover smell like mothballs.  Because that's an easy smell to get rid of...

There's another ball in May 2015 which I'm planning to make a new dress for.  1. I want a mothball free gown and, 2. I really want a crossover gown.  I'm planning to use Sense and Sensibility's Elegant Lady's Closet.

I know the lace is a bit off for the period, but as you'll notice in my accuracy post I'm likely to wear something off anyway.  

Thoughts?  How do you represent yourself in historical sewing?  

Up next...
1930s men's housecoat.

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