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Monday, 9 March 2015

Why I shouldn't carry my own credit card

So... I went fabric shopping yesterday.

Fabric stores in Edmonton are pretty limited.  The cheapest silk I can find is $45/m.  Ouch!  Thankfully we were in Calgary this weekend so I could take time to find a few things I can't get at home.

Since I've convinced my husband, B, to come with me to the Regency ball in May I figured I should maybe make him a costume.  I ordered all the patterns I need from Spencer's Mercantile in Hamilton, Ontario.  I lived 45 minutes away and never knew it existed!

Back to fabric - there's a odd little fabric store in Calgary called Reena's Fabric and Saris.  You'd never know from the outside, but it has a great selection at reasonable prices.  Plus, saris!  Great for making Regency dresses.

We found B's fabrics right away.  Nice cream satin for the breeches, green and gold damask for the vest, and a heavy wool suiting for the tailcoat.


Of course I spent more time figuring out my dress... I was thinking about making a crossover dress, but now I'm thinking I should make a gold gown with a red overdress.  Yes, I think yes.  Now that I've written here I'll stick to it.  Yes...

Sari with beads already attached!  Yay!

 New projects are exciting and all, but I still have to finish B's 1930s housecoat.  It's one of my projects for HSM Challenge #3 - Stashbusting so I have to get a move on.


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