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Monday, 6 April 2015

Getting Back on Track

My sewing has stalled of late.  I'm working on a gaggle of projects for a Regency ball in May, but stopped to make a lovely Spring dress for myself for a fundraiser I was volunteering for.  It's a beautiful SpoonFlower fabric I bought last year.  It's a buttery yellow with a pink and turquoise flower border.  What could be better for a springtime-themed event?

Of course I was still sewing the day of the event.  Of course.  I just finished the zipper and tried it when I realized that I've somehow changed shape since I padded out my mannequin in January.  The dress was 3" too big!  All that work for naught.

Blast and damn!

I won't lie, this set me back a few weeks.  I was planning to make a new set of Regency stays since I've had so many issues with my February set plus make a new ball gown for May, but it's a tad tricky when you don't have an appropriately sized mannequin.  (Note: I drape as many patterns as I can because I don't particularly like drafting.  Draping cuts out the first round of fitting which saves time when I'm making things for me.)

Last weekend I decided to tackle my stays.  I was debating whether I should stick with the pattern I have or buy a new and start from scratch.  When I get in these indecisive moods it can take quite a bit of time to sort myself out.  I usually spend my time 'researching' on Pinterest and convincing myself of several different things at once affectionately known as procrasti-pinteresting (not a word, just a Meg-ism; note variations as procrasti-sewing, procrasti-cleaning, and procrasti-shopping).  I was also trying to find buttons for B's 1932 housecoat, his frockcoat and vest, and figure out if the silk I bought for my gown was even appropriate or it pogey bait.  For a description on pogey bait, see the Dreamstress' posts here.

Anyway, I decided to stick with my current stays.  I'm trying to limit the amount of UFOs and miscellania I keep around.  Truns out, I only needed to add a busk pocket, tie the ties higher, and take in one hip gusset.  Victory!  I will spare you the photos of my Regency 'shelf' until I have a proper chemise.

Since I'm starting from scratch for B's outfit I've decided to put his sewing first.  As much as I wanted to sew his shirt entirely by hand I just don't have time.  Yesterday I finished the shirt.

Historical Sew Monthly Info

The Challenge: #4 War & Peace. Though I'm also counting this a #1 Foundations since this is the first time I've strayed into men's clothing and done these type of hand stitches.

Fabric: Hankerchief linen

Pattern: Kannik's Korner Man's shirt, 1790-1830

Year: 1790-1830, will be worn for a Regency ball

Notions: Cotton thread, buttons (eventually)

How historically accurate is it? I'd say 70%. Accurate fabric and pattern, but mostly machine sewn. Edges are finished by hand so you can't see the machine stitches.

Hours to complete: 7

First worn: Will be worn May 16 to a ball. Fingers crossed there's a frock coat to go with this or madness will ensue!

Total cost: $32

The vest is cut and ready to be sewn.  Maybe done by tomorrow...?  Then frock coat mock-up.  And I suppose I should make him breeches...


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