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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Regency Waistcoat

Two projects in one weekend.  Boom!

Challenge #4: War & Peace

Fabric: poly brocade, cotton lining

Pattern: Laughing Moon #123

Year: 1806 - 1830

Notions: thread, interfacing, lion buttons

How historically accurate is it? 60%.  Fabric pattern is ok, but not natural.  Modern interfacing.

First worn: Will be worn May 16th

Time: Maybe 4 hours including a fabric store run for the buttons.

Cost:  $8

This was a really easy pattern.  I'm loving Laughing Moon patterns.  Super easy instructions, great diagrams, and a bibliography!  I love how the collar stands up and frames the face.  Obviously will look better once the cravat is done.

Next up is the tailcoat.  Any advice?  I'm feeling a little apprehensive.


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