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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Catching my Breath

The past few months have been complete chaos.  Good chaos, but still.

I opened my website mid-July, which took considerable time considering I have so few proper pictures of things I want to showcase.  Check it out at NutmegSews.com!

Have I mentioned how great Instagram is?  It takes wonderful photos!  I know it's just a social media app, but truly the filters make my amateur photography skills look good.  I have professional photos scheduled for September so Instagram will have to do for now.

Now that the site is mostly up and running, I can refocus on my blog.  Oh wait, no, because I have so many new clients!  I'm terribly pleased to be working with some lovely ladies to make a total of 5 Regency gowns.  I took a week off work to try and catch up, though I'm not entirely sure I did.  I have 1.5 dresses done and two projects for me done.  I'm also 2/3 done my friend's wedding favours.   And almost done B's 1932 housecoat.

Yesterday I came home with 20.5m of fabric and I didn't spend a single cent!  Not that you can spend a cent in Canada anymore...


I bartered time helping friends for ALL THE FABRIC!  Victory is mine!

August is another super busy month for me.  I'm working a second job as a production assistant, which is terribly exciting, but of course takes time.  As I mentioned, I still have custom work to do.  And of course trying to get as many things as I can into my Etsy shop.  Oh, and did I mention there's another ball coming up?  Details here: Regency Encounters.  So many exciting things!

Clearly writing 'what's next' at the end of my blog posts has nothing to do with which project I actually post next.  I have no idea what I'm finishing next, but it likely won't be for me.  For the September ball I will wear my gold 1811 silk gown.  I've decided to make an open robe to go over top, but who knows if I'll actually finish it.  I also have to fix B's breeches as they were a tad big.  And make myself garters.  And a spencer.  Oi!

I should probably get sewing before I hyperventilate.


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